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  1. My grandfather lived with us when I was a kid. Every day after school he’d tell us stories about his childhood and youth growing up in San Francisco in the 1800s. I’d get tired of hearing them over and over again, but now I’m SO grateful to know those stories.

  2. Thank you, Janet. I can relate to what you said. My one and only living grandpa lived in our family home too, while I was growing up. He came from Ireland and had many stories to share–all of which motivated me to visit Ireland one day. Charles and I were able to do so in 2012 and I’m so glad we did.

    • Thanks, Kristi. It was a super weekend and this recent weekend I have my brother visiting from Chicago. Fun times!

  3. Thanks, Glenda. It was extra special since I don’t get to see them much, now that they are grown and creating lives of their own.

  4. Being a Grandma is so very special; it does make us realize how quickly time passes and how we must enjoy every moment and use it to glorify God. Your grandchildren as a fine looking pair that make a Grandma proud.

    • I agree, Lynn. Each time new little ones are added to the clan, I think of how quickly time passes. Before you know it, they are having children of their own.

  5. I lived near my grandparents until the 2nd grade when my family relocated from Illinois to Colorado. One year, my older sister and I visited my grandparents by ourselves. We had a lot of fun watching my grandpa feed the birds, from pheasants to hummingbirds. We also played horseshoes and board games. Fun memories!

    • Thanks, Sherry. What a lovely memory of your grandparents. I had only one grandfather. The other one and the grandmothers were gone before I was born but I treasured my grandpa. He and I liked to bowl so when I got on the high school bowling league he paid for my weekly sessions. We enjoyed comparing scores!

  6. Dear Karen,
    What a great picture! What handsome grandchildren and YOU look SO cute and like a sibling~not a grandmother! I am so glad you had that special time together !
    When my now 43 year granddaughter was 9 years old she went with me to my family which met at the Reidland community center close to Paducah. I drove us from Frankfort and on the way I had car trouble and it took so long to have the repair done we were too late for lunch and everyone had left except the last couple and they were locking the door. SO, Heather and I went to each of my siblinigs homes where we had a nice visit with all of them. The next day on our way back to Frankfort I told Heather I was so sorry we were so late and I had to “wear her out” taking her from place to place. She was so sweet and simply said: “But Grandmother, we were together”. I realized that it really did not matter to her just as long as we were together. I still have some notes she wrote to me before I moved to Florida when she was 11. She told me I was her best friend and so many sweet things that I cherish.
    I know you are so proud of your grandchildren’s accomplishments . They sure sound like they take after their Grandmother Karen!! You are the best!
    Love, Margaret

    • What a sweet post, Margaret. You have some lovely memories to cherish, as well. What a compliment to be told that you are Heather’s best friend. That is something to treasure for your whole life.

  7. OOPS ! Did not mention this was a family reunion! We met each year close to my Dad’s august 12th birthday.I have many cherished memories of these reunions and of my grandchildren going to them also!

  8. My dad used to play semi-professional Baseball and at home games, I’d get be in dugout with him. Before the game he would hit me flyballs before practicing with his team mates. What an awesome memory of my dad. I have many more and memories of my mom. We were a VERY close knit family. I miss them terribly. They are both with Jesus. Mom is probably got a ton of kids at her feet and dad is playing catch with the greats, many of whom he personally knew.

    • Thank you, Jim, for sharing this precious memory of your dear parents. I can see why you miss them so much.

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