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  1. I just could NOT keep from laughing a little, even tho we do feel sorry for Earl. The word “time” just reminded me of a funny joke I am sure you have heard about the two older men walking down the street and one of them said he had some new hearing aids and they were just wonderful!! The other man asked him what kind they were. His Friend looked at his wrist and said, “eleven thirty”.

    ( you can ‘boo’ if you want to! )

  2. Smiling. Having had a hearing loss all my life, I can relate. That’s why I’m such a talker. I learned early that the more I talked, the less I had to struggle to hear.

    • Good point. I enjoy your talking–in person or in your writing. You always have something worthwhile to share.

  3. Spot on Karen. I’ve felt very good about some of the things that I have said especially to my youngins. But other times I wish I could reach my backside with my foot. Why in the world did I say that??? I knew it was the Lord and His guiding thinking about my foot. I have noticed that when I do say something that I shouldn’t have said it is usually something I was passionate about. Maybe it would behoove us a second thought before speaking when we get into a passionate discussion. I cite myself as the example.

    • I agree. I need to take back some of my words at times. Makes me think twice now before opening my mouth! 😀

  4. This hits close to home, Karen.

    I know I’ve developed a hearing loss and the thing that bothers me the most is when I don’t hear properly and make a response no one corrects me. Embarrassing, yes but I’m curious enough to want to know what was said anyway.

    May you days be blessed!

    • Ann, thanks for sharing your situation. My husband has a hearing loss too, so some of our conversations get quite humorous at times. 😀

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