5 Cozy Things for Winter — 18 Comments

  1. Karen–I’m surprised that candles weren’t on the list. Candles are what keep me going once the lovely Christmas lights are all put away and until the days begin to lengthen a little. They don’t give off much heat but still make the room feel a little warmer…not to mention the lovely scent.

    • Good idea, Judy. I am allergic to ‘scents’ so I stay away from candles in general, but I do light two white unscented candles each morning year around while I eat breakfast. One as a remembrance of my husband who loved candlelight and one to honor the Lord while I read my devo for the day. I hope you are well. It is lovely to hear from you.

  2. A good book to read, and a lamp with batteries in case the power goes out. I love my gas fireplace, too, but a wood burning one would be cozy for some people.

    • Thanks, Janet. I have a gas log fireplace too. At least we don’t have to shovel ashes!

  3. I love your idea of the candles in the morning. I also can’t have the scented ones, but the other are nice.
    I am with you also on tall of your suggestions. I have been recovering from a respiratory infection so I have done a lot of napping since Christmas.
    Appreciate all of your writings, they always give me a lift and a thought for the day. Thanks Karen.

    • Glad you’re feeling a little better, Etta Mae. I came home from Ohio with a cold and so I gave myself plenty of time to recover. Take care of yourself.

  4. Love your cosy things for winter Karen. Don and I have been enjoying roaring wood fires on the wet and dreary days. Sitting in front of it and reading, meditatiing or just day dreaming and knitting are SO relaxing and comforting for both of us. We too enjoy non scented candles and have our votives lit most evenings in one room or another. Ah! Home made soups also! Wish you were here to enjoy today’s version! Yes, winter is an excellent time for reflection and inner growth when we stay indoors more. We are also very blessed to have beautiful days like today when being out in the fresh, clear and crisp air is so good and invigorating. Love to you all, Kathleen.

    • Kathleen, your homemade soups sounds delicious. You are such an inspiring cook. I’m enjoying my fireplace too as I sit on the sofa cozy under a favorite blanket.

  5. Dear Karen I would have to say yeah to all of the above also with some very soothing music but not adverse to some uptempo invigorating music to suit that mood. Love you and look forward to your weekly share Thank you Wendy x

  6. I realize we use the word “love” a lot but I do LOVE the things you mention and I LOVE your cozy looking home. I too am allergic to scents so no candles but the ones that are battery operated. No odor nor chance of a fire! Good books are always great any time of the year and when you get to be my age I can promise you about a two hour nap in the afternoon is great- and sometimes there is a sweet “Kitty” curled up in your lap! AH, the advantages of being older and having excuses for what you do! Thanks, Dear for all your good ‘thoughts’ you share!
    Love, Margaret

    • It seems you have a lot of cozy things going for you, Margaret, from naps to curling up with a kitty and good books too. Thanks for all your encouragement.

  7. Your home IS cozy, Karen – filled with warmth, memories and those lovely accents that make it beautiful and also cozy and comfy. I love your two candles, one to honor Charles and the other to honor our Lord as you read your devotional. Great idea!

    • Thanks for your warm encouragement, Carol. I love your home too. It has LOVE written all over it the moment I walk through the door.

  8. Love it that you light candles every morning. What a great way to remember Charles and spend time with the Lord! For me, it’s a blanket, a nice cup of coffee, my Bible, and new journal. πŸ™‚ My family also has flashlights strategically placed in each room in case of a power outage. We used them just last week!

    • Thanks, Sherry. Your routine sounds lovely too. And good tip about the flashlights. I have one by my bed but I should have one in every room.

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