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  1. Your writing has blessed people many times over. You have a kind and gentle spirit that encourages others. Thank you for your gift and the 40 years you have shared with us. God has blessed you.

  2. Karen: What a joy and privilege to be part of your blessed readers. Your love and Joy in the Lord and in Life inspires and encourages me.
    Your Friend Lynn

  3. Your question made me stop and think…… what is my special gift?
    Well, I am not an artist, accomplished musician, author, etc. However, I love all of those things and have tried a little of each. I think if I have a gift it is the gift of friendship and encouragement. I love meeting new people ans sharing God’s love and joy with them. One of my motto’s is “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours” .
    I love everything you write Karen. It encourages me every time. 🙂

    • Thank you, Etta Mae. I have received many of your smiles so please keep on giving them.

  4. And I’m so blessed to have some of your autographed books on my shelves. Even more importantly, I am blessed to have had you as an instructor at the Long Ridge Writing Course. One and a half years of personal instruction by you changed my life completely. You corrected my mistakes and encouraged me every step of the way, even used one of my assignments in Basket of Blessings. Five published books later and I’m still writing and enjoying a productive life at the age of 88. I owe a huge part of this to you, Karen, and once again, I thank you. May God continue to bless you.

    • Marie, you continue to inspire me with your writing and your life as a widow. Keep on. I’m right behind you.

  5. So glad for these years you’ve been (and still are) writing, Karen. You’ve blessed many of us; me, with your writing itself as well as with mentoring me in mine. I pray my gift of writing will also encourage others along the way.

    • Thanks, Carol, for your affirming words. Your writing has already blessed me and many others.

  6. Karen, I feel so blessed that I have books you have written and can tell my friends that I KNOW YOU and have really met you!! Thanks for all your meaningful books~they are wonderful and so full of truth, wisdom and encouragement. My gift?: The Rector of the church where we go asked me when I first moved here if I would write cards to the people whose names are on the prayer list to give them encouragement. I agreed to do this as I love people and definitely believe in a very strong prayer life. The Rector is a lady the age of my daughter and she knew Tanya and Fred before I moved here but she did not know me. Soon she was telling me how those who had received my cards told her how much my words of encouragement had meant to them. She had insisted that I sign my name to the cards, which I did not want to do, but we compromised by my signing my name “and your St. Matthews Family”.
    I asked her later why she had asked me to do this as she really did not know me and her response was: “I guess God told me too.” I am so blessed I can still do this. I will be 90 years old this month! I consider it a gift from God to be able to use words to help others in their grief and through sickness and trials. It sure makes me feel humble and grateful all at the same time. I thank God for blessing me so much.
    Blessings to you, Karen, and may you write many more books of wisdom and wit!! Love, Margaret

    • Margaret, it seems you have the gift of encouragement and writing. What a lovely way to bless people in need.

  7. Congratulations on following your calling for so many years. You’ll never know how many lives you’ve touched until you get to Heaven.

    • Yes it counts and what about all your beautiful knitted gifts and your talent for decorating and hospitality!!

  8. You need a little heart people can click when they like something you’ve written but don’t want to leave a comment. Love your writing, Karen…and you!

  9. Thank you so-o-o much Karen for your abilities with which you have blessed me over the years in terms of my writing career. First as a mentor with CWG, then with your thorough editing of my writing, and finally as a friend. I cherish your friendship and respect your writing capabilities. God bless you in everything you do. . .and keep writing. 🙂 (Oh, and I enjoy reading your blog.)

    • Thanks, Jim. I treasure your friendship too, and feel blessed to have been part of your journey to publication.

  10. Up and down the mountains. Over and through the glens. In and out of family challenges. With and without material needs! You and I are enjoying still the love of life, our physical and Spiritual strengths and most of all our sweet heart connection. I am the retired nurse with heart and tender caring while you are the writer with heart and tender caring. We met on the trail….. the path that was chosen for us as we loved Mother Nature in all her glories ….. our blessings and joys and sorrows have been shared…. and on we go!! Thank you dear friend. Our times shared are very precious and always so very special. You are SO loved and by SO many. Keep on writing and staying youthful in Spirit and Story!!

    • What a lovely testimony to our individuality and our shared friendship. Thank you, Kathleen. Much love and admiration.

  11. Love this, Karen! Yes, your gift of writing has blessed so many including me. I love that you get to, not only do what you love, but bless others at the same time. The second part of that is the most important part. You CHOSE to bless others with it, not just make a living. God gifts us and we must choose to use it wisely. You have done that and because of it, I am blessed. love, Heidi

    • Thank you, Heidi. What fun it has been to share our complementary talents of writing and art. I admire you and your ability to share yourself in so many ways.

  12. I’m also blessed to be one of your readers and friends. It also shocks me that God uses us as “old sap.” We may have started out with a hand written draft and then a real typewriter, but we’ve changed with the times. Thank you Karen for always inspiring me. Keep writing!

    • Your writing has inspired me, as well, Kathy. May we both continue to share the good news!

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