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10.    trying to get cash from an ATM machine using your department store credit card.

9.     slipping into shoes of the same style without looking—to have a friend indicate later that one is black and one is brown.

8.     adding to your checkbook balance when you should have subtracted.

7.     walking outside to take your dog for a stroll, then realizing you brought the leash but left Fido at home.

6.      putting an envelope in the mailbox that you forgot to address.

5.      placing a new kitchen sponge in the toaster instead of a slice from a new loaf of bread.

4.      laundering your money by leaving your wallet in your pants pocket on washday.

3.      opening your mail box at the post office and then leaving with your key still in the lock.

2.      ‘storing’ your glasses on top of your head and wondering what became of them till you look in the mirror.

1.     standing up too quickly before your muscles wake up and join you.

A few of these are mine. How about you? Any senior moments you’d rather forget? I need company.




10 Senior Moments We’d Rather Forget — 2 Comments

  1. This one is as old a Methuselah – Going into the other room to do something and forgetting what you went there to do. Then going back to the other room where you came from and remembering what you went to do in the first place. Only happens to me about four or five times a month. Not bad. Could be everyday.

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